Super 21

Super 21 is a very interesting and popular online casino game. It can be called a new version of the classic blackjack with some more innovative rules added to it. Super 21 is a more exiting game than the rest of the 21-card games such as Pontoon and Blackjack. Although the rules and regulations of Super 21 are quite similar to those of the classic Blackjack, some new variations have been added with some far-fetched strategic elements, which make this online casino game all the more interesting and appealing to casino players.

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The aim of Super 21 is the same as Blackjack – getting the closest to the 21-mark without exceeding it. If your total hand value goes beyond 21, then you Ďbustí and lose the game. However, unlike standard Blackjack, in Super 21, your chances of winning the game are assured whether you have six or more than six cards with a total of 20 or less, disregarding of the fact that the dealer is having a Blackjack.

Super 21 Rules

If you have five or more cards with a total of 21, then you instantly get double the money you had initially placed as bet.

If the total of your 5 or more cards adds up to 21, then you instantly get double the money you had wagered.

You are allowed to split your hand to the maximum of four hands.
You can re-split your Aces. Players can also split their unlike 10 numbered cards.

You can double down even if you have already split your hand.

The dealer is required to hit on the soft 17. This increases his chances of going bust!

You are allowed to surrender half your bet, even after doubling down, hitting, or splitting.

There is no limit on doubling down. It can be done on any number of hands, even after you have split your pairs.

A Blackjack of diamonds will pay 2-1 while Blackjack in any other suit will pay even money.

The player having a blackjack will always win, no matter what the dealerís cards show (even if the cards show a natural blackjack).

Thus, the main appealing element of Super 21 is that its rules are extremely relaxed when compared with that of the standard Blackjack. It is an easy casino game to play and win and perhaps thatís the reason that it is also famous as the Super Fun 21!

The most interesting thing about Super 21 is that it is more advantageous to the players than the dealer. Since the rules are quite different than that of normal blackjack, if you want to play this game and enjoy as well with more chances of winning the game, it is advisable to get well-acquainted with its strategies and rules.