Progressive Blackjack

In Progressive Blackjack, before the game starts, each player gets a chance to make a $1 side bet which enables them to participate in extra pay outs. After the wagers have been settled, two cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer. The aim of Progressive Blackjack is to collect such cards whose total value is closer to 21 than that of the dealer’s cards, without exceeding the 21-point mark. The value of aces is either 1 or 11, cards numbered 2-10 have their number as their value, and value of face cards is worth 10.

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If the total value of the player’s cards is similar or more than the dealer’s, then the player is declared the winner. However, if the dealer’s cards show a higher value, then the player loses the game. If both the hands show equal value, the game is called a ‘push’ (a tie) and the player gets back his wagered money. The player also loses the game if he has a busted hand (22 or more) regardless of the fact that the dealer also has a busted hand. Hit:

This is to request for another card. The player can ‘hit’ as many times as he likes, but if his total card value exceeds 21, he will ‘bust’ and lose his hand.

progressive blackjack

Progressive Blackjack Split

The Split button appears if both the cards of a player have the same denomination. This option is active only till the players receive their initial two cards. In this case, the player can ‘split’ his hand into two to play each of the hands separately. The originally placed bet is then duplicated to match the new hand. Both hands are then played as usual. However, when aces are split, they are dealt with only 1 extra card per hand. The split rule can be exercised only once for each hand – an already split hand cannot be split again. Any winning sum of 21 is then paid 1-1.

Progressive Blackjack Stand

The Stand option is used when a player does not wish to take any more cards. The hand then, as it stands, is as it is decided against the hand of the Dealer.

Progressive Blackjack Insurance

If the up-card of the Dealer shows an Ace, then the players have the option of taking Insurance for half of their initially placed bet.
The player wanting to take Insurance presses the Insurance button. In case the player does not wish to take Insurance, he can click on the Pass key to keep the game going. Usually, when a player buys insurance, he’s betting on his estimate that the down-card of the Dealer is a face or a ten card (a natural blackjack).

Progressive Blackjack Double Down

The Double Down button is to exercise three options – to receive another card, to double one’s bet, and to end one’s turn. However, this option is applicable only till the immediate time after the players receive their initial two cards.