Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The concept of Perfect Pairs, a side bet game for Blackjack, is a very simple one. When the first two cards of the blackjack deal are a pair, the perfect pair bet wins the game and the game is lost if these two cards are not pairs. The game considers three types of pairs – a colored pair, a perfect pair, and a mixed pair. The payout odds also vary according to the pairs.

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A perfect pair bet has to be made before the starting of the deal and should be supported by a ‘regular blackjack bet’. Historically, it has been shown that Perfect Pairs increases both hold/win percentages as well as cash drops for blackjack, thereby producing considerably large incremental revenues.

The success of Perfect Pairs as a game that tempts players to place their bet on has already been proved. Playing this non-volatile bet is not very difficult and is extremely fast as well. It is a favorite one among casino players and the most interesting thing is that it boosts the turnover of the game upsetting the playing strategy.

Some of the essentials of a Perfect Pairs game have been provided below:

Perfect Pairs is a very simple bet, which can be explained and understood easily.

Although there is nothing new in a Perfect Pairs bet, players of all levels – from action players of lower levels to VIP high roller players enjoy this game.

The most appealing point of this game is that it provides attractive payouts and the frequency of your winning chances are also very high.
Card counting is never a part of Perfect Pairs.

Since all the wagers in Perfect Pairs are determined and acted upon by the dealer after the initial deal itself, the blackjack playing strategies of players remain unaffected.

Unlike side bets that are otherwise limited to $1 wager, in Perfect Pairs, the player’s wager is not restricted to a $1 flat bet; the player can place wager up to the initially determined maximum bet on every box in which he has placed the blackjack wager.

In all, Perfect Pairs involves some real fun and excitement of all players which is a very longed for in a game of blackjack.

One of the most interesting points of a Perfect Pairs game is that it produces good results in both conditions, whether played in a multi-player environment or a single player one. The winning streak of a player in Perfect Pairs game attracts other people also to join in and play the game. Moreover, even when a player does not place a bet with Perfect Pairs and wins a perfect pair thereby, missing his win, it encourages the player all the more to continue playing the game.