Multi Hand Blackjack

Multi-hand Blackjack is a very interesting and exciting version of the Blackjack game, where a player can play five hands at a time. It is interesting mainly because the players play with all the five hands of cards while the Dealer can play only with a single hand. Multi-hand Blackjack can be played with 5 regular decks having 52 cards each. After each game, the cards are shuffled and since it gives the player a chance to play with all the five decks at a time, the chances of your winning get all the more assured.

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Multi Hand Blackjack Rules

The deal depends on the player’s choice, that is, how many hands the player wants to bet on. According to the bet, the Dealer deals each hand one card including him. Then, the player is given his second card, but the Dealer is not supposed to get any other card unless the player finishes off with all his hands.

The main objective of Multi-hand Blackjack is to get the total hand value closest to 21 without crossing over the 21 mark. If the total of the player’s first two cards does not reach the 21 mark, then the player can call for a ‘hit’ which means requesting for additional cards. The player can continue asking for more cards unless the total reaches 21or the player can decide to ‘Stand’. This gives the player a chance to move onto the next hand. If the player gets a Blackjack, then he automatically wins the game disregarding of the fact that the dealer has an ace or a card value of ten.

Only after the player has finished with all his hands, can the Dealer draw a second card. If any of the player’s hands exceeds 21 (bust), he will lose that bet. If the total of the Dealer’s hand is not 17, then he can go on drawing the cards to reach the 17 mark. In case the Dealer’s hand does not bust, the value of the player’s and the Dealer’s hand are compared. If the player’s hand is stronger than that of the Dealer, then the casino pays double the amount to the player that had been wagered by him. He will get 1.5 times the bet money if he wins a Blackjack plus the money he had wagered.

Multi Hand Blackjack Split

If both the cards that you have received have the same value, then you can choose to ‘split’ your hand. In this case, your hand gets split into two separate pairs. Your second wager, then, will be of the same amount as your initially placed wager and you can continue playing the game with both the hands as usual.

Multi Hand Blackjack Insurance

The Insurance is to cover half of the player’s original bet and pays out 2-1 if the Dealer gets a Blackjack. However, the player loses his original bet. If the Dealer’s cards do not show a Blackjack, then the player simply loses his Insurance wager and the game continues as usual.