Match Play 21

Match Play 21, also known as Spanish 21, is just a variation of the standard Blackjack. In Match Play 21 game, the main objective of the player is to reach the number 21 without exceeding it. The total of the player’s hand should be higher than that of the Dealer. Before the player receives any card, he has to place a wager. After the wager is settled, the player receives two cards from the Dealer with their face up. The Dealer also gets two cards. To win the wagered amount, the total value of the player’s cards must be closer to 21 than the Dealer. Even if the Dealer crosses the 21 mark, the game goes in favor of the player. However, in case the player’s total value surpasses the 21 mark, he loses the whole amount he had wagered upon.

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Match Play 21 is played with 8 decks and all the tens are removed from the decks, just keeping all the face cards. After each game, the cards are reshuffled. The dealer should hit a soft 17 and the player with a Blackjack wins over the Blackjack of the Dealer. The player whose cards reach closest to 21 wins the wager even if the Dealer has a Blackjack. The player receives only one card and is allowed only once to double down on any number of cards.

Match Play 21 Hit

The player can ask for another card and is allowed to take a hit before standing.

Match Play 21 Stand

The player is allowed to keep the hand dealt cards and if the player reaches 21 or wants doubling down, the game will be considered as ‘Stand’ automatically.

Match Play 21 Split

If the player has two cards of the same value, he can split them into two hands. For the split, he has to put a second wager of the same value as his original bet. He is allowed to have three hands at a time. He can then continue to draw the cards as usual with the following exceptions:

If the player wants to split two aces, he will be dealt with only one additional card for every hand. However, if a hand with the splitting of the aces reaches closets to 21, then it will not be considered Blackjack but only a 21 point.

If a player wants a third card in hope to beat the Dealer’s hand, he has to double the wager to get the extra card. If the total value of his first two cards is 21, then it is called Blackjack. Even if three or more cards show a total of 21, Blackjack wins. When the total value of the cards of the player or the Dealer exceeds 21, it is called a ‘bust’. Whosoever exceeds 21, the Dealer or the player, loses the bet.

Match Play 21 Insurance

It gives the players a chance to protect their wager if they believe that the Dealer has got Blackjack. The Insurance covers half the price of the player’s bet. If the Dealer’s cards do show Blackjack, the Insurance payout is 2-1. However, if the Dealer’s cards do not show Blackjack, then the player loses his Insurance bet and the game continues as usual.