Face Up 21

In Face Up 21 casino game, the cards of the dealer are exposed to the player, meaning – the player can see the dealer’s cards along with his own cards. The beauty of this game is that the exposure of the dealer’s cards puts you in a better position to judge your chances of winning the game.
In this way, the players get an option of surrendering their cards if they do not wish to play after seeing the dealer’s cards. However, this should be done in a very careful way, since this move is not considered always a good move.

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Face Up 21 Rules

All the essential rules of Face Up 21 have been listed below:
Eight packs of regular playing cards are used for a game of Face Up 21. However, it is in the hands of the casino to set the number of decks according to its personal preferences and the number of members playing the game.

You can split any two cards of the same value.  When you split, you are required to place an extra wager on your new hand. This new wager has to be of the same amount as your initially placed wager. Splitting is allowed up to a maximum number of three hands.

You can choose the double down option on any of the cards 9, 10, or 11 and you also have the option of double downing after splitting your hand.
The Dealer can ‘stand’ on hands having a total of 17 or more points, and ‘hit’ on hands having a total of 16 or less points. Also, the Dealer stands on the soft 18 or more and hits on the soft 17 or less.

Face Up 21 House Edge and Payouts

House Edge of a Face Up 21 game played with 8 decks is 0.85%. The Blackjack hand gets paid with even money while a winning Insurance wager pays 2 to 1. The player always wins if he gets a Blackjack, even if the Dealer has also achieved a Blackjack. However, in case of all the rest of the tied hands, the Dealer wins the game.

Face Up 21: Hints and Tips

The first important hint of Face Up 21 is to try and find a casino which offers the lowest possible number of standard decks. The lesser the number of decks, the lower is the House Edge, so it is always better to have lower number of decks in Face Up 21.

The most essential tip is to simply surrender if the strategy has started dictating you. If the timing of your surrender has been wrong, then it only means that you have put yourself on the most undesirable side of House Edge.